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Anhui Truelove Investment Group, which was established in September 2000 and has a total assets of more than US $ 400 million, is a private enterprise group modernized by Cahit Demirel. Its business is green healthy food production, seed material trade, E-commerce, catering services, cultural and real estate industries; Anhui Truelove Foodstuffs, the group's nuclear company, is committed to providing green and healthy foods to the world. There are five plants in different places in China, Wu Yuan in Inner Mongolia, Shang Zhi in Heilongjiang, Hefei in Beijing, Chongqing and Anhui. Anhui Truelove Foodstuffs is a modern food enterprise based on Huizhou roasted seeds and nuts. Our company is ISO9001, ISO14000. , OHSAS18001 and HACCP systems certified. The company now has an engineering and technology center, an excellent enterprise technology center in Anhui province, 8 effective invention patents, 32 utility model patents, 24 design patents. We are currently preparing a company entry in SZSE. In 2016, Truelove Foodstuffs won the 2nd and top 2 producers of the best brands in the Chinese roasted seed industry. Our mission: Bringing world-class food, creating world-renowned brands, promoting the ü Truelove ”culture; To be the leader in the sector we participate.

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