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Truelove Group: The Strategic Ecosystem Conference


      The 2016 Group Conference started in Mountain Huang, Anhui. It takes win-win, future development, competition and cooperation as subjects, and takes harmonious commercial cooperation as its aim.

      On the conference, Mr. Cao, northern sales manager, made a speech about ecological pattern and shared our experience in management. He thought, in recent years, economic environment was deteriorating, and traditional marketing channels were no longer efficient. So to promote a new development, it’s vital to update our marketing mix. The chairman Mr. Sun also analyzed the current economical situation. He pointed out only creation and innovation could boost development. The ecosystem would provide a platform for all members to cooperate on the basis of complementary advantages.

      Then in the afternoon, Mrs. Lei, vice president of Guangdong Advertising Company and our strategic partner, released the new product - Xiaoyaoke series. Xiaoyaoke combined with traditional Chinese culture - jianghu style, wining market recognition. We signed with a few reliable distributors at the conference.

      The conference uncovered the cooperation in ecosystem. And Truelove will deepen connection with our partners to realize sustainable development.

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