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New Normal, New Thinking, New Development-The 2015 Truelove Annual conference

      The New Year marked our 25th anniversary. In this memorable moment, Truelove hosted the 2015 annual conference. Mr. Sun, Mrs. Liu and Mr. Wang were been invited to the meeting. So did many other managers and 300 group staff representatives. Market Manager Li Hongbin hosted the meeting. Wang Haishui, Group Executive Vice President, gave an opening address. He demonstrated how to better cope with the current market situation and the key work of the New Year.

      The meeting lasted for one day and the marketing conference were held thereafter, and it lasted for two days. At the meeting, Shan Xingjian ,assistant to the president and southern manager delivered the lively speech “New Thinking Innovation” to all the participants. Based on the thorough analysis of the new features of China's current economic situation and the sustainable economic development, he put forward “There is no successful business, only the era of enterprise”. Under the current background, enterprises need to rely on upgrading and transformation of thinking to realize a breakthrough in the future. He also shared the overall development plan of the company. We believed that through all departments’ unremitting efforts, the group was bound to move into a higher level in 2015.
      At the last of the meeting, Chairman Sun talked about the theme of "new normal, new thinking, new development” and put forward the goal of " high starting point, high demand, high benefit " on the experience summary over the past year. He pointed that the company now faced more opportunities and more challenges. But we must cross that. At the end of his speech, he expressed his blessing and good wishes to all the staff.
      Annual excellent staff award ceremony and Spring Festival party followed the meeting. The party clearly showed the staff’s spirit of cooperation and versatile. We cheered, blessed and laughed. The award ceremony recalled the memory of the unremitting struggle in the past year. The program was also wonderful as it expressed the good vision toward 2015. The party ended with our better visions of 2015.
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