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Chairman Sun Guosheng Attended the 2015 Two Sessions

      During 25th and 31st January, 2015, the 3rd session of the 11th Anhui Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the 4th session of the 12th Anhui Chinese People's Congress were held in Hefei.

      As a deputy to the People's Congress, Chairman Sun attended the two sessions and did his duty by discussing with all other deputies about livelihoods and economic development. He listened carefully to the government report and other reports. Reports analyzed the situation and environment faced by the development of Anhui. They pointed three aspects needed to improve. First is to improve the quality of development. Second is to strengthen the build of ecological civilization. The last but not least is to promote the people's livelihood and eradicate poverty.
      Chairman Sun put forward the suggestion about developing specialized ecological touring- agriculture. On the one way, our government continued to strengthen infrastructure, and further strengthen the foundation for economic and social development, moving from agricultural exploitation to diversity agriculture development. While on the other way, there were many problems existing in the agricultural development. For example, ecological touring- agriculture is home based or company based, lack of systematic organization and supporting facilities. Somehow it caused disorder in the industry.
      So chairman Sun suggested that to promote the development of ecological touring-agriculture, Anhui should utilize its unique resource. Then, government can provide special support and favorable policies in credit, tax and so on. Besides, government must carry out public services, acting as guidance and severer.
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