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Workshop for Senior Manager in EDP of Anhui University School of Business


      At 15:30 28th June, 2015, the program of workshop for senior manager commence in School of Business, Anhui University. Present of business school Mrs. Li, chairman of Sanchuan Automatic Controlling Company Mr. Li, professor of Anhui University Mr. Sun and Truelove director Mr. Du were presented at the ceremony. Other people included over 40 students from there companies.

      At the ceremony, Mrs. Li gave a speech, in which she stated briefly the importance of on-job education. First, EDP courses had experience in practice and teaching. The experienced and professional experts ensured the high quality of the workshop. It not only had modernized teaching and research facilities, but also had a all-round education service system to teach according to each company’s reality. Second, EDP provided a systematic and scientific courses. It created a pattern enabling teachers and students to communicate with other. Third, one-year study equipped senior managers with more wide and profound knowledge.
      At last, Mrs. Li encouraged students to a lifelong learning. After we stepped out of college, society had taught us a lot, such as different ways of thinking, concepts of value and philosophies of life. But as senior managers, it’s far away from best. Take every chance to learn, update knowledge, widen scale and improve professional skills. These would help us make greater contribution to our company and society, and achieve self realization.
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