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Development of Shangzhi Village E-commerce Park

      Shangzhi Village E-commerce Park is established in April, 2015 by Anhui Truelove Investment Group.
      It locates at Yingbin Road 11, Shangzhi Economic Development Zone. The investment value amounts to 55 million, with an area of 43.23 acres. In it, e-commerce building takes up 5184 m2; comprehensive building, 2620 m2; warehouse, 5400 m2; logistics center, 10780 m2.
      The park can accommodate 100 country service stations, with a need for 3000 employees, 300 small e-business. It has been dedicated to build a “Shnagzhi Brand”. When in use, sales revenue will up to 0.2 billion, tax, 7million.
      Environment analysis First, e-commerce has a weak base in Heilongjiang Province. But its importance has been stressed. Now the government provides a favorable environment for e-commerce development. Second, production intensification, specialization and scale development will reduce operating costs, improve process efficiency, and demonstrate quick return on investment.
      Feasibility study First, country is a suitable place for e-commerce. Truelove investing park provides a platform for small business with lower costs and more complete facilities. Second,the program has related government policies to support in several ways.
      Development of country e-commerce Country e-commerce is creative way to solve development issues in agriculture by combining with Internet network. It’s a big change from company in charge to farmer self-development. It radically changes the information asymmetry between company and farmer. So it will not only benefit company by reducing cost, but also benefit thousands of farmers entrepreneurial rich.

                                        Shangzhi plant:Guo Dongmei
                                       May 23th, 2015
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