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Be Honored the Title of May Forth Red-banner Youth League


      In the afternoon of May 4th, Truelove delegates attended the grand gathering at the hall of Hefei Administrative Centre to mark the 96th anniversary of the "May 4th Movement。" Related officers presented at the gathering and awarded to prize winners。

      Our company youth league won the title of “May Fourth Red-banner Youth League” after reviews. Our committee founded in August, 2008, consisting of 104 employees, female 42. In it, 56 people had college degree, 42 had bachelor degree or above. The group with an average age of 25 formed a young and passionate league. It was characterized as professional dedication, strong sense of responsibility, creative spirit and good learning capability. 
       Deputy Party Secretary Lin Yun gave a speech on the gathering and took the opportunity to extend his greeting to all the youth and workers. She stressed that youth is the national hope. Young people should go forward in the resolute belief to make contribution to our country and hometown, to realize the life value; set up the concept of lifelong leaning, so as to enlarge knowledge scale and deepen professional skills; have creative sense and explore new train of thought, new route and new mechanism in dealing with new era. 
       Besides, she also pointed out the importance of society. Party organizations at all levels should provide a harmony environment for the youth, such as the award. It’s conducive to encouraging the youth and youth league to work harder in the common position and play a leading role in their work.
       There were two reasons for our youth league to get the award。 We had standardizing management system, perfect organization and system of democratic centralism。 We had members with strong capability, solidarity, and innovation。 We were a team with strong sense of cohesion and pride。
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