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pk10计划Truelove Group Annual Conference and Party

Truelove Group Annual Conference and Party

        Time flies. The new year marked our annul conference. At 9:00 AM, January 16, 2016, the conference was held at the first conference room. Attendees included the chairman Mr. Sun, vice president Mrs. Liu, finance director Mr. Yin, northern sale manager Mr. Cao, southern sale manager Mr. Li, production manager Mr. Wu, Ynsheng Hotel manager Mr. Liu and 300 employee representatives. The conference began with a speech made by finance director Mr. Yin.

      On the conference, each department made a review about its work in the past year and discussed about shortages and suggestions. Besides, the task to increase surpluses in the new year was advanced. It’s concluded that each department should combine practical experience with Ameba Management to make a greater process in 2016 on the basis of social and economic development.


     After that, chairman Mr.Sun delivered an important speech on reforming efficiency and mind revolution. He pointed out that the day we relied on workforce and resources input to develop had gone, we must learn to utilize knowledge, information and technology. So our company had to strengthen transition to keep in pace with the era. At last, Mr. Sun extended his New Year's greetings. Wish Truelove all the best in the coming year.



      The conference was a complete success. After the conference, we held a walking race by the Chaohu shore. As we appreciated the beauty of the scenery, we did some exercise and strengthen team work.

      In the evening, the Spring Festival Party was held at Yunsheng Hotel. Employees took the opportunity to show themselves by performance. The whole party rang with cheers and laughter in the evening.


      The year of 2015 had passed, but new challenges is waiting for us. Hope we have a brighter future with confidence and courage in 2016.




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